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Akasaka Technical Center Tsukasa Horichi

With the key words “Sealing and Insulation,” our Akasaka Technical Center designs and develops seals and gaskets, from raw materials to finished products, mostly for the automotive industry.
To cope with environmental needs for greater fuel efficiency, the role of seals and gaskets has also progressed and contributed to environmental improvements.
Vehicles have evolved to meet the demands of changing times and regions. We firmly believe these changes present a great opportunity for our product expansion in the global market.
At present, our development policy and attitude here at Akasaka Technical Center is to:

  1. Accelerate the speed of development and challenge for global business opportunities.
    Contact with our customers directly. Quickly respond to their demands.
  2. Strengthen our basic research and development of new technology and products.
    Challenge things that nobody has ever tried without hesitating out of fear of failure.
  3. Improve developmental efficiency.
    There is always room for improvement. Use wisdom and creative thinking.
  4. Pursue and explore ideas.

The goal of our technicians is to keep an open mind and find better ways to develop new and better products.

UCHIYAMA Technology Flow

The strength of UCHIYAMA is its own development technology. We are proud of providing the utmost quality in the world from raw material development to production & sale, as “Raw Material Development & Evaluation”, “Product Development Design & Evaluation” and “Production Engineering” are three in one. We have progressed, step-by-step, by rapidly responding to global market changes and following our key words “Seal and Insulation”.

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