Gasket & Seal products

SEAL ~Products preventing the penetration of foreign matter~

There are a lot of parts rotating in a car’s engine and wheels.  In order to support rotation, bearings are necessary.  Seals attached to the bearings play a vital role in preventing grease leakage and the penetration of foreign matter. With our advanced technology, we can offer the ideal seals.

Seals for ABS encoders

Vital parts for detecting/monitoring rotating speed of tires in order to avoid locking up in sudden braking. By using multi-polarized magnetic materials for wheel bearing seal components, the ABS rotation detecting function can be added and at the same time, weight reduction and miniaturization can be achieved.

Hub unit seals for cars
Used in rotating wheels to prevent grease leakage as well as the penetration of external debris, such as water and dirt. Also, they are designed to meet environmental demands while providing less friction and extended life.
Bearing seals for engine accessories
Those bearing seals are used around engines of cars. We propose products according to the right use such as increased rotation, extended life, excel in water, anti-freeze resistance, and dust resistance.
General bearing seals

Bearing seals are used in rotating parts. They prevent grease leakage as well as penetration of foreign matter such as water and dirt.

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