Cork bottle caps & Crowns

Cork&Plastic~Bottle caps and packing materials~

Beer, wine, whisky, brandy, Japanese sake, shochu, etc… bottle caps for these products require high quality control and varied preferences. Our packing materials are used for these liquors.

Packing materials for western liquor

Our compressed cork stoppers are made of “ST cork grains” and provide TCA-free cork bottle caps. They are used for products having a high-alcohol content.

Product name
Agglomerated cork stopper with glass top
Agglomerated cork stopper with plastic top
Tin capsule
Packing materials for Wine

Processed in Japan, we meet customer specifications for filling and storing, along with TCA-free cork stoppers.

Product name
SSS compressed cork stopper
Natural cork stopper
Polylaminated capsule
Tin capsule
Packing materials for sake and shochu

Our PE-covered caps provide sealing durability by applying a thin polyolefin-based resin film over cork bottle caps. This avoids “settling” and prevents leakage.

Product name
PE-covered caps
Taper compressed cork stopper
Free top cork caps
Packing materials for sparkling wine

Not just for imported products, we also provide quality-assured products designed to meet Japanese standards and requirements.

Product name
Cork stoppers for sparkling wine
Poly stoppers for sparkling wine
Wire food
Packing materials for beer

In order to keep beer fresh, we produce sealing materials such as crowns for bottled beer and packing for draft beer casks.

Product name
Crowns for bottled beer
Sealing materials for draft beer casks
Packing for food facility

UG packing is a high-functioning rubber material which was exclusively developed for food facilities. It can be used under a wide range of temperatures and features strong liquid-resistance against alkali, acid, and limonene. We offer product designs to meet customers’ usage conditions.

Product name
General packing for food facility

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